Training Philosophy

Through continued training and trialing as dog enthusiasts, as well as through working with other experienced dog trainers, we have learned that there is no “one size fits all” type of training method. 

We believe training is an ongoing process.  Your dog will only catch onto what you want through continued positive reinforcement.  We will work with you regularly, according to your schedule, to ensure you and your dog are consistently learning what you need to. 

Training is something that should be part of everyday life.

Is Fido trying to jump on the couch without permission? This is a training opportunity!

Is Fido barking at the mail man? Another training opportunity!

Stealing food off the table? You guessed it, a training opportunity!

Learning how to capitalize on the “life lessons” that can be taught by continued practice, reinforcement, and consistency  will help you to “fix” the problems that you experience with your dog in everyday life. We will help you to learn the tools needed to fix problems that exist and prevent new problems from starting.

We provide instruction using positive and motivating methods to ensure that you and your clever canine have FUN while training. Training is hard work, but it should also build the relationship between dog and handler. It should not just be a “job.” Both the handler and the dog should enjoy training time. To your dog, training should make them think “yay, I get to spend time with my favourite person and get to learn new things and get praise, treats and play time!”

We also recognize that you lead a busy life. It’s important that the training plan is customized to your life and that realistic goals are set to ensure a successful outcome. As much as I would love my dog to take the laundry out of the dryer for me, and have the knowledge to train this task, it is not something that I value enough to invest time and effort into at this point in time. To me, having a dog that comes when called, greets people and dogs politely, and walks on a loose leash are more important. But, if you prefer that your dog helps with laundry, we can help with that too!