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A new way to access obedience training for your dog in Sault Ste. Marie!


We’re dog enthusiasts who have been training our dogs to successfully compete in dog sports, including obedience training, rally obedience, agility, and dock diving, for over 15 years each.  Let us help you have happy , well-mannered canines companions too.  Keeping our services reasonably-priced to ensure training is as worry-free as possible.

We provide instruction using positive and motivating methods to ensure that you and your clever canine have FUN while training. Training is hard work, but it should also build the relationship between dog and handler. It should not just be a “job.” Both the handler and the dog should enjoy training time. To your dog, training should make them think “yay, I get to spend time with my favourite person and get to learn new things and get praise, treats and play time!”Let us

We offer three great training options to suit your needs:

Group Classes

Group classes run for 6 weeks in a row, and give you an opportunity to learn in a group setting. We have several class types to meet your needs!


With an in-person training session (1 hour in length), you will meet with a trainer at a location of your choice. 3 or 6 appointment packs are also available!


With an online training session (1 hour in length), you will meet with a trainer through Skype, FaceTime or another online application that you are familiar with. 3 or 6 appointment packs are also available!

Choose the type of obedience  training medium that works best for you.

We are dedicated to making training fun!

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Michael Sanderson

Kirsten Wilson

Maxine Orr

Not sure what you need?

Have one of our trainers come for an In-Person appointment. They will meet with you for 1 hour, and assess your dog’s training needs and your preferences in order to help you decide on the most appropriate package for you.  We also have free initial phone consultations if you have questions before booking!