COVID-19 Policy​

– Instructors / trainers will be responsible for enforcing this COVID policy. Students will be given a reminder, but if they continue to disregard this policy, they will be excused from class / visit and no refund will be offered.

– Clients cannot attend any in-person appointment or group class if they are not feeling well or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, or otherwise fail screening. The Ministry of Health’s screening tool will be used: In-Person only: The appointment will be cancelled if anyone has been sick in the household within the last 2 weeks. Please contact your trainer to reschedule. Group Classes: Do not attend if any symptoms of COVID-19 within last 2 weeks, unless you have had a negative COVID-19 test (you do not need to show result) AND your symptoms resolved over 24h ago.

– If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or had close contact with an infected individual within the last two weeks, the visit will be postponed until your isolation period is completed (or as directed by your local public health unit). If you are enrolled in a group class, please contact your instructor for information about rescheduling, as you will not be able to attend while in isolation.

– Physical distancing will be required during any group class or in-person appointment. This means that a minimum distance of 6 feet (2 metres) will need to be kept between all people that do not normally live at the same home. Markers will be placed on the floor for group classes. Stay in your assigned marked “box” unless directed otherwise by the instructor (i.e. during heeling exercises). Physical distancing will still be required during group exercises such as heeling, and exercises may be modified in group classes in order to comply with physical distancing requirements.

– We cannot allow spectators. At this time, young children may not attend visits or classes (unless they are the dog trainer). IN PERSON – We are trying to keep the number of people to a minimum for everyone’s safety, so maximum of 2 persons per family can participate in the training session. GROUP CLASS – Maximum of 1 person may attend. If additional persons need to attend, you will need to contact your trainer to see if an exception can be made.

– Please wash hands (using sanitizer provided) at start of class and throughout as needed.

– Please DO NOT touch or lean on things unless it is absolutely necessary. Instructors aim to sanitize areas after each class is finished, but we can only sanitize things we predict are touched.

– If there are other people (above the 2 participants) in the home during the IN PERSON visit, they may be asked to remain in a separate area during the visit.

– Masks will be worn by all clients (over age 2y) and trainers during any indoor training session and when physical distancing cannot be maintained during outdoor visits. Masks must be work properly, covering nose, mouth and chin. If masks cannot be worn during an indoor IN PERSON training session (i.e. for medical reasons), physical distancing must always be maintained.

– GROUP CLASSES: Masks must be worn by all participants at group class. If you cannot wear a mask, please do not sign up for a group class at this time. Consider an In-Person session instead.

– Attendance will be taken at all group classes (name of student + contact information)

– Vaccine certificates – Vaccine certificates must be sent electronically to [email protected] prior to the scheduled class or visit in order to minimize handling of paper.